Expert consulting and coaching for nonprofits, small businesses and leaders making their impact on the world.

About McRea Consulting

McRea Consulting works with educational, arts and community organizations of many sizes, shapes, crises, challenges and successes. Through coaching, facilitation and consulting, we are motivated to support your long-term trajectory and your “Why”. We are proud to be an advocate and a catalyst for more courageous, transparent and wholehearted workplaces and communities and leaders.

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Nonprofit Consulting

From supporting the initial preparation of a nonprofit application, hiring your first staff member, recruiting board members that become ambassadors, fundraising to make your mission happen or navigating change as the organization grows, McRea Consulting can be a provocative partner in that journey.

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Coaching and Facilitation

McRea Consulting offers entrepreneur and leadership coaching to expand your capacity, achieve your goals and grow your potential, sustainably. Through a membership package that creates support towards your long term goals, leadership facilitation for your management team, or individual time together, there are many ways to help you grow into the leader you hope to be.

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Dare to Lead Facilitation

Kris McRea is proud to be a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator . The ultimate playbook for developing brave leaders and courageous cultures, daring leadership is learning and practice that requires brave work, tough conversations, and showing up with our whole hearts. Through workshops or one-on-one coaching, Dare to Lead™ operationalizes daring leadership that we all need in our work and personal lives.

What People Say about McRea Consulting

Kris has been a valuable strategic partner on my projects, helping nonprofits clarify their goals and making plans to achieve them.

Mark Root-Wiley, MRW Web Design

Like most non-profits, resources are tight at our organization.  Kris has helped us sharpen our message in ways that we simply could not do ourselves.  Not for lack of trying, we just don’t have the time nor the expertise.  Kris has provided us the tools and the confidence we needed to shed the old transactional version of donor engagement.  We now have a plan to become truly engaged with our donors.  Further, the work we’re doing with Kris is key to how we re-frame our purpose as an organization.  Kris has been an invaluable resource to me individually and to our organization as a whole.

Phillip Prud’homme, United Way of Skagit County