• Fundraising

    We teach organizations and individuals the HOW and the WHY of this sometimes scary concept, and help shift cultures within organizations how to adopt a donor-centered model for a sustainable donated revenue plan. and we think asking for money is fun!

  • Board Training and Engagement

    Light your board members up and support their evolution into ignited ambassadors for your mission!
    We have a deep passion for supporting the honored volunteers that have stepped up to represent your mission. So let’s prepare them and guide them to be the most fired up ambassadors and fundraisers they can be!

  • Interim Leadership

    McRea Consulting can serve in an interim capacity to keep your operational, marketing or development train on the tracks and give your organization some high-speed leadership shake-up, while also building systems and structure to set your new candidate up for success. Sometimes a trained set of new eyes can be just the thing your organization needs.

  • Events: A Party with a Purpose

    McRea Consulting can take your auction or sales conference and make it buzz with efficiency and excitement for more revenue and less stress. Audience development, sponsorship, content or just orchestration of the day-of. We can help you get it right.

  • Small Business Consulting

    Congratulations! Your concept can gain traction and take shape into something that can make an impact in the world. We can help uncover ways to bring your product to market, identify who is going to buy it and why, and guide you to building your own “work” in the world. Time to be your own boss!

Expert consulting for nonprofits and small businesses making their impact on the world

Nonprofit Consulting

From supporting the initial preparation of a nonprofit application, hiring your first staff member, recruiting board members that become ambassadors, to navigating change as the organization grows, McRea Consulting can be a provocative partner in that journey.


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About McRea Consulting

McRea Consulting has worked with educational, arts and community organizations of many sizes, shapes, crises, challenges and successes. We are motivated to support your long-term trajectory and your “Why”.


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Executive Coaching

McRea Consulting offers entrepreneur and executive coaching to expand your leadership capacity. Through a membership package that creates support towards your long term goals, leadership facilitation for your management team, or individual time together, there are many ways to help you grow into the leader you hope to be.

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