Events with a Purpose


Who attends your auctions, events, luncheons?

Are they friends of friends, or are they engaged donors and supports that really care about your mission? How are you planning for the continued engagement with these attendees after the event?

Nationally, auctions and fundraising events have the lowest return on investment for nonprofits, but are a necessary part of a diversified model of fundraising. It can be an incredible entry point to individuals that want to learn more about your organization, or a chance for deeply invested members of your audience to invite others along in their journey with you.

McRea Consulting looks with surgical skill at optimizing the event for MORE MONEY, and more invested attendees. We can also take your auction or sales conference and make it buzz with efficiency and excitement for more revenue and less stress. Because it shouldn’t be just a party, but a party with a purpose to raise money for the organization.