Board Training and Engagement

Light your board members up and support their evolution into ignited ambassadors for your mission!


McRea Consulting offers a three part series to activate your board into inspired ambassadors for long term sustainability and success. This series is usually done with a month or two gap, and each segment builds on each other, to provide the right foundation, guidance and motivation to truly ignite your board of directors.

Educate: Learn about board perspective and common practices, clarify roles of governance, understand where nonprofit giving comes from, understand the 7 steps of fundraising while calming fears of the “F-word”, and determine how board involvement is essential.

Train: Create each board members’ elevator pitch, understand the many types of donors and come away with each of your board members’ deeper understanding of their next 2 – 6 months as ambassadors

Engage: Share successes and challenges, role play questions and scenarios for deeper engagement and visions for succession planning; How do we grow this board with the right people?

As a facilitator, Kris McRea has been asking courageous questions, holding space for deeper inquiry and dispelling fears in fundraising and sales for more than 20 years. She has a special superpower of facilitating provocatively, with a warm spirit, humor and heart.